Rapid Collaborate

PhD Research Collaboration

Rapid Collaborate is a one of a kind web software for collaboration during the research process. Guides, editors, statisticians, consultants and researchers need to collaborate during their research. Rapid Collaborate offers all the necessary tools and resources to collaborate with ease during the process. From topic consultations to journal manuscript submissions, every project can be divided into milestones and work can be tracked. No wonder, some of the reputed research consulting companies use Rapid Collaborate. Android mobile app is also available for Rapid Collaborate.


Rapid Collaborate- Research collaboration software

Rapid collaborate is safe, secure and easy to use. Any research project which needs collaboration can be uploaded and worked upon. All data and information is secure and bound by non disclosure guidelines.

Upload your project details

In order to maintain complete transparency and avoid communication issues, Rapid Collaborate allows you to upload your work details / relevant files yourself on it with clear guidelines to refer to.


The dashboard will give you information about your consultant contact details, upcoming Non-working days along with the ongoing project and milestone updates. Also, you will get options to Ask queries about your ongoing milestone where one can easily collaborate with the consultant and the team working upon your project.

The project view details will give a complete view of the upcoming milestones with their brief descriptions, expected deadlines and option to ask specific questions for those specific milestones

additional files

The panel will also allow you to add additional files in case you skipped to upload earlier or got an update later from your guide using the mentioned option of Attach files in the specific milestone.

Once any milestone work files are shared to you, the panel will seek your approval before moving ahead with the next milestone, wherein, you will get the option to either approve the work if the files are matching or suiting your requirements OR ask for revision by adding any specific comments for changes you are looking for. And once the revisions are done, the files will again be shared to you over the same panel wherein you can again refer the files and approve or add revisions as per your feedback.


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