Attendance Management Software

By Rapid Collaborate

Attendance management is a problem in most organizations. Some softwares are unable to link payroll with attendance, some do not offer flexibility of changing hours or days or holidays. Some of the attendance management softwares do not comply with the labour laws making it difficult for Indian organisations to use them. Attendance management system by Rapid Collaborate covers it all. From leave tracking to half days to late marks to upcoming birthdays and notifications, the attendance management system by Rapid Collaborate has all the features to make it the most coveted attendance management software in India.


Rapid Collaborate attendance management software for integrated time tracking and scheduling

Are you looking for ease with surety of compliance for your attendance and payroll systems? At Rapid Collaborates, attendance management system, we offer the following features

Attendance Panel

Attendance Panel


The dashboard will provide an overview of the possible actions that can be performed on the attendance panel. You can see Upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, details of paid leaves, any specific notifications / announcements.

Salary Management

The Manage Salary option shall provide you with the option to view your salary slips and form 16.


Manage Leaves

This option can provide you an option to apply leaves and gives you the details of the balance paid leaves.

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