Lead Management Panel

Easy, Safe and Fast

Assign Leads, Take Replacements, Get Ratings for Leads

Are you a lead generation agency which offers lead generation solutions to your clients? You need to assign leads to your clients, notify your clients about the leads, manage disputes about the leads and your client needs to assign leads to their sales team and get feedback from them on individual leads?. All this process is sometimes clumsy and eventually there is client dis-satisfaction if not managed.

You need to opt for Rapid Collaborate Lead management panel which is safe, secure and offers all features which you need as a lead generation agency.


Leads Management Panel - A software that’s easy and fast

Leads Management Panel is a software which is easy, fast and provides tracking of each and every lead which you generate.

Leads Validation

Accept, Reject and Follow Up with Leads

You can assign the lead received from multiple sources to your validation team who will can take either of the following actions:

Accept the lead

Validation team can accept the lead and provide the feedback along with a call record or message record.

Reject the lead

Team can reject the lead and provide feedback about their conversation.

Followup with the lead

If the team gets a response and feels that a followup is required, they can mark it under followup mentioning the date & time for the same.

No Answer

If they get no response, they can change the status to “No Answer” and can try later.


Leads Allocation

Assign leads in a tap

Easy & Fast Assigning

Just click on the approved lead to assign, and you will get a list of all your paid clients. Select the client to whom you want to assign the lead and Voila, it's done. You can also select multiple clients to share the lead with multiple clients in a one go.

Quick Notification

As soon as a lead is assigned, your clients will receive a notification on their registered email ID and phone number. All they need to do is, just login to the to take further action


Leads Ratings

Receive feedback & rating from your clients

Your clients can provide individual leads ratings for you to track the performance of the campaign and the quality of the leads offered. Lead ratings help in client retention and better service quality.


Discussion & Replacements

Easy Replacement Application & Tracking

Request a replacement

You can set replacement window time for your clients within which your clients will be able to request a replacement stating the reason on why they wish to reject the lead.

Accept or Reject the replacement request

Once you receive a replacement request, you will be able to take further action against the same on whether the replacement applied can be accepted or not.

Discussion Notes

Your clients will be able to maintain their discussion and followup conversation.


Billing & Payments

Easy maintenance of billing & payments record

Wallet Functionality

Wallet functionality lets your sales team to update the payment received information in the panel itself and thereby adding per lead credits to the client’s account

Pay Per Lead Functionality

When your operation team assigns a lead to the client, the balance from his wallet will be deducted according to the per lead price

Refund Functionality

When your operations team accepts a replacement request, client’s wallet will be automatically credited with the per lead deducted amount.

The benefits of

Lead Panel

Automation of the entire operations

This panel provides you with a complete automation functionality right from on-boarding a client to assigning leads and finishing the project.

Reduces time & effort on leads tracking

With the leads panel, there is no need to maintain an excel sheet to track the leads shared with clients. This panel gives you complete access to track the leads, thereby saving a lot of time & effort.

CRM-like functionality for both operations team and client’s sales team

It works like a CRM for both operations team and client’s sales team and hence no separate CRM needs to be deployed to track the team’s & leads performance.

Complete billing support

Both your client and your accounts team can use the panel for end-to-end accounting & billing. Right from invoice management to adding credits in your wallet, all can be managed at one single place.

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