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Rapid Collaborate - Web Development Company

Rapid Collaborate is a web development company which designs and develops large and complex web applications for collaboration, exchange of information and project management.

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Custom Software Development and Deployment Services

Why Should You Consider Rapid Collaborate?

With unmatched features and immense experience in software design and development,
Rapid Collaborate stands out to be # 1 software development agency.
Zero Error Code
Coded from scratch and with robust architecture
Super Fast
Deployed on super fast servers
All security guidelines are followed
9X5 support as per Indian time
Custom URLs
Can be deployed on your domain and URL can be customized
Easy Integrations
Easy integrations with your existing softwares

Robust and Reliable Softwares

Rapid Collaborate is a leading name in software design and development and offers following features for its services.

If you are working in stealth mode and looking for a reliable partner for software development, your best bet will be Rapid Collaborate. We offer a non-disclosure agreement and our process ensures that no concept or data files are in unauthorized platforms.

Next Level Security

Rapid Collaborate ensures that the softwares development has all latest security protocols followed and the deployment of the software is done in a way that hackers and malicious codes can be kept at bay.

Always on-time

Rapid collaborate is committed to adhere to all deadlines of projects and follows six-sigma and other processes to ensure that projects are delivered on time.

Maintenance and Support

Rapid Collaborate provides complete maintenance, debugging,
enhancements and support for the software’s designed and developed by its team.

Research Collaborate Software

Rapid Collaborate first and most popular software is being used by consulting agencies who offer research guidance and manuscript preparation support.


Insta Sales CRM

A custom built sales CRM which offers full range of features and functionalities to have complete control over your sales. Teams have reported a 40% increase in sales effectiveness by using this CRM.


Payments Panel

Manage the payments of your company at one place, approve payments, allowing your team to allocate projects further with confidence.


Reviews Management

Fake reviews are a problem every company faces. Bring in a complete review management system where your genuine clients can post in their reviews, you can revert to their reviews and flag reviews for inappropriate content.


Attendance Management

Attendance management system needs to address two issues. Ease for employees and compliance. Offering a mix of paper codes and e-attendance, Rapid Collaborate attendance management system is the answer for your compliance and technology needs.

About Rapid Collaborate

Rapid Collaborate started as a small web application development company in India in 2012. Since then, it has grown into a medium sized web application company and has created more than 10 robust web applications for business use.

What Our Users Say

Rapid Collaborate has been at the forefront of building and upgrading web based softwares
which makes running a small business easy.

"We have been using Rapid Collaborate since 2009 and are very satisfied with the performance and features offered in this. "


FiveFeed Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd

"We have tried many attendance softwares, however, managing compliance and ease is done only by Rapid Collaborate attendance software "

Krishna Velliangiri

Arush Enterprises

"We are very satisfied by deploying the InstaSales software. It is built in India, however, even the most advanced and expensive CRM softwares do not have features that InstaSales CRM offers. "

Rajesh Pawar

Bevon Automotive

Put Your Business on Autopilot with Our Ready to Deploy Softwares

From sales to operations to payments and compliance, Rapid Collaborate softwares are touching lives of millions every month.