Why & What of Rapid Collaborate (RC) ?

The word collaborate comes across as a term to be together and work in harmony. The word Rapid means quick, fast or speedy.Rapid collaborate is a web + mobile platform created with a similar purpose especially for research scholars/PhD to foster collaboration with consultants, writers, editors and statisticians.

When you as a research scholar put your time, effort and money to be a Doctorate, it also becomes essential for you to be able to collaborate with your academic support system at ease. Rapid collaborate allows you to remain in control of your research by communicating, exchanging files and brainstorming with your consultants directly through your laptop or mobile.

Starting from the allocation of project to its delivery, how is your project going to the feedback you would like to give, timely response to your queries to solving them, estimation of the delivery date to the actual on time delivery, you can be on top of all this in a few clicks. Timely assistance is all that you require and if that is not possible, all the efforts go in vain. Rapid Collaborate allows you to check, ask and intervene in your project as and when necessary.

How Rapid Collaborate makes the consulting process easy

Following is the “easy to understand” process of Rapid Collaborate

  • Get your RC account created by our client relations executive.
  • After creating your account, our consultant will add your project on RC.
  • Login with the given credentials and fill in your project details and requirements on RC.
  • Your project will be assigned to a consultant.
  • According to the deadline set by you, the work on your project will start.
  • Your project will be divided into milestones,completion of one milestone leads to the beginning of another milestone.
  • In this while incase if you think there are any changes required to be made in one part of the project, you can notify the same on RC by giving a request for revision and things will be taken into consideration right away.
  • There are options which you can select as to what review you would like to give on the submitted milestone.
  • You can ask questions, attach additional files if required.
  • You will have a track as to where your project has reached, in other terms you will have your project status updated on a real time basis.
  • You can provide feedback for the writers as well as the consultants with whom you co-ordinated for the project.
  • Rapid Collaborate is going to help you a lot by making the communication process easy. Sending emails, making phone calls, text messages etc everything is going to take time and it won’t directly reach the concerned person real quick. Whereas in RC you have access to the people as well as the process in no time.
Here are some image references from RC panel which will help you understand things better

The Dashboard View

You can ask questions on particular milestones, you can also share additional documents

Once you click on Approve the work, you can give the ratings

If you want changes/revision then you can click on request further revision

Milestone Details View

Work approved by you will be shown in the Approved Details tab, whereas revised work will be available in the Revision Details tab.

Why use RC/ Benefits of RC?

  • Be aware of what stage the project/requirement has reached
  • Avoid communication gap on a large scale
  • Provide your message/input quickly to the writer
  • Get a real time access to your project progress
  • Save much of your time by a quicker response
  • Give feedback to consultants as well as writers
  • Get your thesis done with proper understanding and effective communication

So, what are you research scholars waiting for? Get going with Rapid Collaborate at a rapid speed and see the timely effectiveness and completeness in the projects allotted by you.You can go through the video tutorial provided on the website or else you can contact us if there are any queries at [email protected]
Eager to see you there on the panel.